Saints & Sinners Lit Fest 2013

Saints And Sinners

Sven Davisson, Emanuel Xavier and Nate Bamford

Weekend before last found Nate and I in the French Quarter enjoying the Tenth Anniversary Saints & Sinners/NOLA Literary Festival. It was great to see so many old (read cherished not aged) friends and colleagues! And making some new acquaintances (Justin Torres We the Animals).


Peter Dubé reading at FAB

Trebor and I were back organizing the reading at Otis’s Faubourg-Marigny Art and Books (FAB). Well more Trebor than me this year, but I did my little part keeping it alive in Treb’s absence. Rebel authors Emanuel Xavier and Peter Dubé read. Press plug: both have books coming out this year Peter a prose poem collection Conjure: a book of spells and Emanuel a collection of new poetry.

Sheri Johnson at the opening reception

Sheri Johnson at the opening reception

Also good to hang out with Sheri Johnson (DeVante’s Coven and DeVante’s Children) who was forever losing her ever-patient husband Dave. (Thank you for keeping my copy of Chulito safe. Looking forward to reading Charles’ inscription once the book makes its way back from NOLA via Minnesota.)

And as ever the food! Pim’s Cup at Napoleon House, shrimp po’boy at Magnolia Grill, burgers at Clover… Fried green tomatoes at Eat, amazing. The entire weekend washed down with happy hour ($2 rail) drinks served by the ever-present Aletha!