Obligatory New Year’s Eve Reflection

Unlike HRH QEII in nineteen-hunder-and-two, 2013 is a year I will look back on with pretty much “undiluted pleasure.” It was highlighted by the closeness and support of my loving partner, family and friends (old and new).

In September, after a quick second-in-a-row trip to DC, I returned home at 1am to discover that Nate and our friends had spent every waking moment while I was gone completely redoing my home office. They replaced the base white walls with fresh paint and the and dogerized white carpet with wood floors. The colors chosen are perfect, unbeknownst to all parties, being a subtle reflection of Tibetan Buddhist robes. The offering bowls on the meditation altar each had a lit tea-light. They even went to the length of taking a picture of each bookshelf to ensure that all books went back in the correct order.

In the midst of the overwhelming surprise, he got down on one knee and proposed. So above all else, thank you to my husband-to-be.

A Certain Kind of Light, Thomas Moore

A Certain Kind of Light, Thomas Moore

Rebel Satori Press issued five strong titles that I am very proud of: a new collection of poetry from Emanuel Xavier, Nefarious; the second book in LA Fields’ Disorder series, Dysfunction; J. Warren’s Silencing Orpheus sequel to Stealing Ganymede; Thomas Moore’s A Certain Kind of Light described by Dennis Cooper as “easily the most extraordinary, momentous work yet by this singular and sublime wordsmith”; and Peter Dubé’s unique modern grimoire Conjure: A Book of Spells.

Dubé’s Conjure was shortlisted for the A.M. Klein Poetry Prize of the Quebec Writers’ Federation. It was selected for several Best of the Year lists—in their list Out In Print described it as “the most challenging book I’ve read all year. Once its secrets were unlocked, however, I found it fascinating, enthralling reading…” and Barry Webster called it “the most original book I’ve read this year” in his selections for the Band of Thebes.

Emanuel Xavier’s fourth collection of poetry, Nefarious, was highlighted by the San Diego Multicultural LGBT Literary Foundation and recognized by the Poetry Foundation. Xavier took the book on the road with readings in San Antonio, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale and San Diego as well as his hometown New York.

Faubourg Marigny

Faubourg Marigny

Halloween and All Souls Day we (Nate, my mother and I) spent in New Orleans realizing our dream of gaining our first foothold in our heart-city: a classic 1860s double in the Faubourg Marigny, traditional bracket house in a arresting yellow. We met many new friends and discovered our new neighborhood. Shout out to Rusty, Don, George, Richy, Jose and the rest of the folks at Friendly Bar. And thank you Billy for sharing the journey with us.

Made a long overdue foray back to my own writing with my first published story in several years selected for Steve Berman’s queering Dracula anthology Suffering the Night—garnering the adjective “wonderful” in Anthony Cardno’s Lambda Literary review.

For 2014, the press has several exciting projects in the works including new works by Wayne Gregory, Craig L. Gidney, Kevin Killian (reprint), and Kyler James.

Day job going well and still incredibly rewarding. Helped organize the annual meeting the Association of Independent Research Institutes (AIRI). While in DC made my first new heart-city connection while conducting the fast-paced negotiations via Latter & Blum in New Orleans. There were a lot of three-way Maine-DC-NOLA phone calls.


Got my camera out a lot more in 2013 (portfolio at www.svendavisson.net) and looking forward to more shoots in the future…

And also working on two new writing projects of my own…

So tonight I lift a glass in toast tof family (mom and Nate), good friends old (Billy, Adam, Crystal, Eric, Lincoln, Anson, Jess, Emanuel, Justin, Peter, Steve, Leonidas) and new (read “NOLA” Don, Rusty, Richy, Jose, Steve and James). To 2013 and the year as yet to be created!