Magickal Essays forthcoming in 2014



Rebel Satori has announced their 2014 list of forthcoming titles. This selection includes a collection of magickal essays The Star Set Matrix & Other Magickal Essays. This collection brings together pieces that I have penned over the years—many unpublished until now. The collection includes the title piece a practical extrapolation of Llee Heflin’s “Diamonds of CHAOS”. Also included on some musings on Egyptian and Gnostic Set/Seth that appeared in the zine mektoub.

Also on the list are new titles by Craig Gidney, Wayne Gregory, Kyler James and (yes, finally) the much anticipated reissue of Kevin Killian’s Shy. Also in the mix is a long-term project No Sh•t! Liberation in the hands of generation why by Swami Prem Arun.