Ashé Journal #5.3 Now Available

Issue 5.3The Fall ’06 Issue of Ashé Journal (#5.3) is now available:

Articles include:

Earth and Sky Gods of India and Greece: Finding the Feminine in Masculine Myths by Dirk Dunbar, Ph.D.

All Things Are Like This
by the 13th century Master Dogen Zenji, founder of the Soto school of Japanese Zen
Commentary on the Tibetan Book of the Dead
by Brendan Connell
A World Divided
by Zen Master Gudo W. Nishijima
The Savage Buddha: Notes on Gautama & the K?p?lika-vrata by Sritantra

Cultural Engineering With Eyes Wide Shut? Playback/Feedback Magicks And The Archaeology Of The Now by Tristram Burden
Teachings by Shakyamuni Buddha and Nissim Amon

Artist Portfolio: Ernest Williamson III
Astroplankton Break Dance
New literary fiction by Sarah Knorr

and Poetry by David Keali’i

plus reviews of Tibetan Magic and Mysticism, Enlightened Courage, The Hundred Verses of Advice, The Complete Magician’s Tables, and Pan’s Road