The Desire Line: Memory & Impermanence

9781608641048My first full length collection of poetry is now available.

The Desire Line is a textual and photographic meditation on memory and impermanence.

Sven Davisson’s poetry is a bracingly unique combination of Buddhism, eroticism, urbanity, mythology, and modernity. Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg, and Frank O’Hara all seem to speak again through him. –Jeff Mann, author of Ash: Poems from Norse Mythology

We now live in an unprecedented world of images. The gilt icon of ages past, the altar triptych with its eternal dramatis personae, was a singular awe-inducing experience. Modernity as encapsulated in the endless reproducibility of images and words has given rise to a new magical landscape, personal and pagan in its fetishism. Susan Sontag writes in On Photography, “All photographs are memento mori“. They capture an instance in time that will never occur again. Living or dead, the faces that look back at us from family snapshots are no more. Time has moved on, that fractional moment is past. Every photograph is an evidentiary exhibit of impermanence, itself impermanent as light slowly fades that which light and chemistry created.

Is a photograph the past, the now, or something yet to be? What are these catalogs of images and words? reference points in a personal cosmology? a rotating exhibition of impermanence in a mental museum?

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