The Desire Line: Memory & Impermanence Poetry and Photography (Rebel Satori Press, 2017)

The Star Set Matrix & Other Magickal Essays (Rebel Satori Press, 2014)

The Starry Dynamo: The Machinery of Night Remixed (Rebel Satori Press, 2007)

When Foley Craddock Tore Off My Grandfather’s Thumb: The Collected Stories of Ruth Moore & Eleanor Mayo (Blackberry Books, 2004)

Ashé: Selections from the Journal of Experimental Spirituality (Mandrake of Oxford, 2004)

Short Fiction

A Closer Walk With Thee in Suffering the Night (Lethe Press 2013)

Dim Star Descried in Madder Love (Rebel Satori 2008) and Wilde Stories 2009: The Best Gay Speculative Fiction (Lethe Press 2010)

Machinery of the Night in The Starry Dynamo (2007)

Somewhere On the Moon (a meeting with Allen Ginsberg) excerpt Ashe Journal 5.4 and in The Starry Dynamo(2007)

Mutilations (an examination of memory, pain, pleasure and pushing the envelope) in The Starry Dynamo(2007)

Et in Arcadia Ego Velvet Mafia 12 (2004)

There Is No Causal Nexus mektoub 2:9 (1991)

The Gnostic Seth mektoub 2:9 (1991)

Crux Ansata mektoub 2:3 (1990)

Winter-Style Candies mektoub 2:1 (1990)*

Book Chapters

“A Closer Walk With Thee” Suffering the Night: Queering Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Lethe Press, 2013)

“Dim Star Descried,” Madder Love: Queer Men and the Precincts of Surrealism (Rebel Satori Press, 2008) and Wilde Stories 2009 (Lethe Press)

“You Can Keep Your Rights, I Gots Mine,” I Do/I Don’t: Queers On Marriage (Suspect Thoughts, 2004)

Buddha (photo) in Directions: Faith & Friends (Breakwater Books, 2003)

“Remembrance” in High Clouds Soaring Storms Driving Low (Blackberry Books, 1990)


Ruth and Eleanor, a Literary Refuge, Chebacco The Mount Desert Island Historical Society (2012)

Burroughs-ian Gnosticism, In His Own Words Ashé Journal 4.3 (2005), The Gnostic 1 (2009), and Playback: The Magic of William S. Burroughs (Rebel Satori, 2011)

The Plastic Ideal: The Androgyne Within fin de siecle Occulture Ashé Journal 4.1 (2005) and in Occulture and the Fin de Siecle

One Made For Exceptions Not For Laws: Wildean Antinomianism in De Profundis Ashé 4.1 (2005)

There Is No God Where I Am: Liber AL, The Self and Emptiness Ashé Journal 3.1 (2004)

Krishnacore Ashé Journal 2.4 (2003)

Over the Hills and Far Away: The One God Universe and Dreams of Space Ashé! Journal 2.3 (2003)

The Rise & Fall of Rajneeshpuram Ashé Journal 2.2 (2003)

An Asceticism of Being: Foucault & the Epistemology of Self, Post Modernity Ashé! Journal 1 (2002)

rant sneerzine #4 (1998)

The Star Set Matrix Abrasax: The Journal of Magic & Decadence #23 (1997)

regular columnist The New Aeon (1996-1997)

Lines of Association: Reality, Communication & the Word in the Writing of W.S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin mektoub 2:7 (1991)


Book length collection: The Desire Line

Remind Me Ashé Journal 9.1 (2010)

Muse Ashé Journal 7.2 (2008)

Dinosaurs in denouement Ashé! Journal 6.1 (2007)

Ode to the great poet of the west in The Starry Dynamo (2007)

Spirit Guide Ashé! Journal 2.1 (2003) and in The Starry Dynamo (2007)